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Actually kind of cool but maybe turn the volume down a bit cuz it is very loud, also maybe try doing some limiting and a bit of mixing in later songs cuz most of your song (or ones I heard are pretty loud like this one so just a heads up).

But since you use FL Demo, and FL Demo doesn't allow you to reopen files kind of sorry about that.

But eh I ain't a professional at music, but you got some talent in the electronic music industry.

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Wow, thanks. Well, I do usually make dubstep, so that might be causing me to make that mistake just by not knowing how to master for other genres. If I remember right I had a Maximus on the master that only allowed the volume to go just above the point where the volume peaks at most, but as well as that I think I made it so that everything could initially gain volume a little faster, and that compression might have caused issues. Or maybe that main synth just wasn't turned down enough? idk

I actually really like this remix, and yeah it does get a few nostalgia points from my daft punk phase, but I just remembered this song after a few years and I still find it really different and unique after the years.

And I agree with some of the comments that the drop is very ear wrenching but I do not really mind that kind of stuff, mainly cuz I do sort of the exact same thing.

But still a good song in my opinion.

Cool, but the drop part seems out of place, and to some people might be disappointing by it, but to me, probably my favorite part of the song. Cool nonetheless.

Spline-1337 responds:

Thanks for the tips! I will keep them in the future!


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